Mar 26

Today was Declan and Owen’s first Pinewood Derby.  It’s their first year as Cub Scouts and the Derby is one of the highlights of the year.  They picked out their car designs from a book mom brought home from the library.  It wasn’t much of a plan, just a shape.  So we improvised the rest.

The cars from all the dens were raced in various heats.  When it was all said and done only the scouts from a particular den competed against each other.  There are eight other boys in the Tiger Den with Declan and Owen.  In the end Owen took first place and Declan took second place!  They were both incredibly excited.

Here are the boys and their cars and their winners trophies. They had to take a serious picture first.


After the serious picture it was time to get goofy!

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Mar 12

Life goes by so very fast and leaves no time to blog.  However, I wanted to share these pictures that the boys created for the Original Works program that their school is offering again this year.

Owen made a family portrait for his original work. Even the cats are included.

Declan's outer space scene. He's very proud of the alien turtle on the red planet.

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