Aug 04

We’ve had an ice cream maker for quite a while.  It’s pretty easy to use.  You keep the cold portion of it in the freezer until you’re ready to use it.  Then you mix up the ingredients, pour them into the machine, and turn it on.  It churns the mix into a sort of soft serve consistency.  Then you put it into the freezer to set for a couple hours before eating.

That cold part has sat unused in our freezer for quite a long time.  Recently it finally came out.  Declan and Owen were excited to help make the ice cream!  Linda helped them mix up a vanilla ice cream base.  Then while it was churning, they both got to add a little packet of mini M&Ms to it.  It was pretty yummy.

Owen Making Ice Cream

Owen adds his M&Ms to the mix

Declan Making Ice Cream

Declan adds his M&Ms to the mix

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