May 17

Declan and Owen had to pack their backpacks for a trip to Grandpa’s house in Reed City.  So why not take pictures?

They Look Like They Like Each Other

They're ready to hit the road and they might get along during the trip

Backpacks for a Trip to Grandmas

Declan and Owen with their brother and backpacks packed for a trip to Grandpas

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May 16

Can you tell who is excited about their birthday presents?

Twins Goofing Around With Birthday Presents

Peek-a-boo birthday boys

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May 16

SingStar and Rock Band are pretty popular in our house.  Auntie Beth has them both, and Linda quite often joins her.  So do the rest of us sometimes.  Declan and Owen like SingStar quite a bit.  Although they tend to mumble the vocals, but I do that too if I don’t know them.

Twin Sing Stars

Owen and Declan singing along to SingStar

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May 16

Isn’t the Internet great?

Laptop Bedtime Stories

Sometimes the boys want online bedtime stories

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May 16

I’m glad to be working on garden beds instead of snowmen since it means it’s warmer.  However, back on February 28th we did have some great packing snow.  So the boys and I headed outside.  Here are the results:

Owen And His Little Snowman

Owen wanted to make his own little snowman and here it is

Everyone With The Big Snowman

The boys with the big snowman we all worked on. They posed him with swords.

Kieran vs. Snowman

Kieran and the snowman battle to the death - or something like that

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May 16

Time to start catching up.  Way back in December we went to Kieran’s school for a function and it turned out that Santa was there.  This was probably announced at some point, but before we arrived I was unaware.  Oops.  So after a quick trip back home for the camera, the boys met Santa.  It was a much more laid back setting than the mall!  Owen seems completely unimpressed.

Boys With Santa At Childs

Santa came to school. I wonder if he was checking report cards.

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