Jun 01

The Memorial Day weekend was full of work on the gardens.  We did take Sunday off for a welcome visit with some family that we haven’t seen in a long time.

Saturday while Linda spent eight hours working at the library, I spent about three or four with my hands covered in mud sealing up the gaps beneath the garden beds.  That’s mostly done.  I had to quit when one of my nails tore rather badly.  I guess they were getting soft after being wet for so long.

Monday was a day full of dirt.  Specifically new dirt.  Kieran and I headed off to Lowes and loaded up a cart with 25 bags of top soil.  That was only part of what we needed, but I didn’t think the cart would hold any more.  When we got it to the van I decided I should probably check the vehicle’s maximum hauling capacity.  Turns out it’s 1200 pounds.  So with 1000 pounds of top soil plus the two of us we were there.  In the end it took five trip to Lowes to get everthing.  Kieran and I moved just over two tons of material back to our place.  We had quite a thunderstorm during the second trip so that delayed us for a while.

While Kieran and I were hauling material home, Linda was putting some of it into the first garden bed.  Unfortunately, it started to rain again in the evening so the bed wasn’t completed.

That first bed was finally completed today.  Linda even transplanted most of what she wanted in that bed into it.  It’s not quite all there yet, but at least there are plants in the garden!

Building Garden Beds - First Plants

Sorry the picture is dark, but I was losing daylight fast.

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May 23

There has been progress on the garden beds.  One day was spent leveling the first rectangular bed.  There wasn’t much to show for that effort so no picture.

Yesterday some real progress was made on the second bed.  Unfortunately, the weather interrupted the work.

Building Garden Beds Day 3

The front portion and the long side wall is built on the second bed

Then today I got to put some more time in.  I worked right up until Kieran and I had to leave for Boy Scouts.

Building Garden Beds Day 4

The back long wall and the little wall against the house are in place and connected to the long wall

That front corner where you see a gap is giving me fits.  I’m going to have to play with it to get all the angles to line up so the two walls join properly.  Oh well.  Linda and I both had some very muddy shoes after working out there today.

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