May 17

You have to love a small town.  We were in Reed City, our favorite small town, and we were invited by the town undertaker to bring the kids out to his farm to see the animals.  Since it’s a small town, Grandpa knew where the Pruitts live.  So off we went.

The Pruitts of Pruitt Livingston Funeral Home have quite an operation.  What started with a single cow has turned into a herd of them.  They also have a donkey and a couple of horses.  The kids loved the animals.  They got to pet a few of them including the bull.  They fed them some treats too.

You never know what’ll happen in a small town.

Kieran Feeding a Cow

Kieran is reaching out to give her a treat

Kieran and Declan in a trough

They're standing in the only spot that isn't muddy on that side of the fence

Kieran Feeding the Bull

The bull only nibbled on his hand a little bit

The Pruitt Bull

That's Mrs. Pruitt with her bull

Some of the Herd

That's not a barn for the cows. They're outside all the time.

Feeding the Horses 1

The boys gave treats to the horses and donkey too

Feeding the Horses 2

Mrs. Pruitt is telling us something about her horse

Just Stick Your Hand Out There

All of the boys were a little reluctant to stick their hands out toward those big mouths, but the took a chance

May 17

Declan and Owen had to pack their backpacks for a trip to Grandpa’s house in Reed City.  So why not take pictures?

They Look Like They Like Each Other

They're ready to hit the road and they might get along during the trip

Backpacks for a Trip to Grandmas

Declan and Owen with their brother and backpacks packed for a trip to Grandpas

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May 17

So you know those Easter Egg coloring kits that you can buy in the store?  I’m sure you do.  They come with the cardboard egg holders, the little metal thingy that’s supposed to make it easier to get the eggs out of the dye water, and those dye tablets that fizz up like alka-seltzer.  Well, there has been none of that nonsense around our house for a while.

Last year Linda created dye from vegetables.  This year she used Kool-aid.  Some hot water, a little vinegar, and a packet of Kool-aid.  The unsweetened kind.

Easter Egg Kool-aid Dye

This year our Easter eggs were colored with these Kool-aid colors

Finished Easter Eggs

Here's the finished product

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