May 18

Boy Scout Troop 240 helped run a Pinewood Derby during the Ypsi Area Street Rods Show & Shine on May 2.  Kieran and I were there helping out.  Well, Kieran did much more than me.  There were two tracks with two lanes each.  There were no electronic timers so the Boy Scouts had to spot the finish line and call which car won each race.  They also helped setup the track and tear it all down afterwards.

It looked like it might rain the whole time we were there, but it held out and we had a fun time.  I hadn’t heard of the Ypsi Area Street Rods before, but they seem like a nice group of people doing good things.

Tracks Are Ready

The two tracks are ready for racing

Waiting For The Finish

Kieran awaits the race so he can spot the finish


Some very handsome trophies were donated for the winners

Most of Troop 240

When it was all done the scouts posed for a group photo

May 18

We went to visit Aunt Tanya a few weeks ago.  Kieran, Declan, and Owen love playing with their cousins Logan and Rachael.  We really need to do it more often!

Kieran and Rachael

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May 18

So you remember those garden beds?  Yeah, they’re not done yet.  However, when she realized she was actually going to have a garden this year Linda placed an order from the Burpee catalog her Mom gave her.  She ordered eggplant, squash, a couple varieties of tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and sunflowers.

She also got this nifty seed starter thingy.  It came with soil tablets.  Put one in each of the little compartments, add water, and like magic it expands to fill the compartment.  Actually, that’s a little weird.  Anyway, Declan and Owen were eager to help get the seeds into the wonder soil.

Since these pictures were taken, the plants have been growing like crazy.  In fact, if the weather and my schedule don’t let me get those garden beds finished soon, the plants may just take over the house.  Yikes.

Starting Garden Plants 1

Starting Garden Plants 2

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