Jun 19

After a few months of getting ready, the new scouts in Troop 240 went out for their first weekend campout June 4-6. Kane wasn’t able to make it, but Kieran, Zack, and Matthew did.  They were joined by Cody and Colin who have been in the Troop longer, but still wanted to camp.  Casey and Christian were the senior scouts and served as our Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader.  Our adult leadership consisted of Brian Coleman, the Scoutmaster, and Gregg Blossom and I, Assistant Scoutmasters.

We met at St. John’s at 5:30 Friday and loaded everything up.  Then we headed out to Camp Munhacke.

These new scouts hadn’t done much tent setup before so it took a while to get them up properly.  However, everything did get setup before there was any rain.  After things were setup we needed to focus on dinner.  We made spaghetti.  We had propane stoves on the picnic table under the easy-up canopy.  It came out quite good with plenty for everyone.  There was even some for the raccoon that fished it out of the trash while we were cleaning up.

Kieran, Zack, and Matthew were in a tent together.  They were probably the last ones to fall asleep.  At least they were the last voices I heard before I fell asleep.

Saturday morning dawned bright and early.  We were up at 7am.  Pancakes and sausage were cooked up for breakfast.  Everybody helped and it didn’t go too bad.

Cooking Breakfast

Pancakes and sausage for breakfast Saturday morning

After filling up on breakfast and cleaning up it was time for our five mile hike on the Bill Baker Trail.  There is some history to this particular hike.  When last year’s new scouts went out on this hike it became known as the “Death March” because the trail was washed out at one point.  That led to a huge detour through the wilderness and everybody was completely exhausted by the time they got back to camp.  This year the hike went quite well for most of the way.  Then we hit the same place that it was washed out last year, and it was washed out again.  Oh dear.  Casey remembered that it was the exact same place that they encountered trouble last year.  Mr. Blossom and I thought about the situation briefly and decided that our best course of action would be to double back to the road that we crossed most recently and take it back to camp.  It wasn’t quite as adventurous as last year, but given our circumstances it seemed like the best thing to do.

Almost Done Hiking

All the hiking scouts as we approach the end of our trek

Once we made it back to camp it was time for lunch.  We fixed Hobo meals on the camp fire.  Hamburger, diced vegetables, butter, and seasonings wrapped in foil and cooked on the grates over the camp fire.  They were easy and delicious!

Matthew Prepares the Grates

Matthew used aluminum foil to clean the grates before they went on the fire

Preparing Hobo Meals

The scouts are working on the hobo meal ingredients

Hobo Meals Are Cooking

Colin, Kieran, and Matthew keep an eye on the hobo meals

Casey and Christian spent some time after lunch working through T-2-1 requirements with the guys.  They made some good progress.  In fact, everybody should be ready to earn Tenderfoot rank very soon.

Kieran and Mr. Coleman Review His Book

Mr. Coleman is reviewing Kieran's achievements with him

Manchester Troop 426 stopped over to invite us over for skits and songs in the evening.  So all the guys got together and decided what skits and songs to perform.  Then they practiced them.

Practicing Bubblegum Song

Casey taught everyone the bubble gum song for skit time

Christian brought some helicopter-launched-with-rubber-band contraptions that quickly became a hit with all the scouts.  In between other things they would shoot them way up into the air and as they helicoptered back down they’d battle for position to be the one who caught it.

Everyone's Favorite Toy

Christian brought these helicopter sort of toys that were a hit with everyone

Working on Lashings

Casey and Christian showing the new scouts how to do lashings

Dinner was corned beef and vegetables.  It was all boiled on the stoves.  It turned out great and was a pretty easy camp meal.

Sitting Around the Campfire

The boys and leaders taking a break around the campfire while dinner cooks

It started to rain during dinner and continued to rain throughout the evening.  That made dinner cleanup a little more challenging than usual and it took a long time.  Finally it was done and everybody headed over the Troop 426’s campsite to join them for skits and songs.  It was a lot of fun.  They had a pavilion in their campsite so we were able to stay dry during the show even though the rain was pretty heavy.

After the show we headed back to our camp and retired to our tents because the rain prevented much of anything else.  Everybody managed to stay dry throughout the night.  The scouts didn’t know it but we had some pretty severe weather passing over us.  There were tornado warnings issued for some parts of the county, but not where we were.  Dundee was hit by a major tornado during the storm, but that’s quite a bit south of where we were.  Having our tents setup in the tree line as we did provided us with some shelter from the worst of the weather.  The moms and dads back at home were having a worse time worrying about us than we were having being out in the weather.  Mr. Coleman was keeping track of the weather via NOAA weather radio as were the folks in the camp office.  So we knew what was happening.

Sunday morning we woke up to much better weather.  It’s always nice to be able to pack up in dry conditions.  Of course the tents were wet, but the sun was out so we pulled them out into the center of the campsite to dry off for a little while before packing them up.  Breakfast was cereal because we needed to be heading back to the church early.  We weren’t quite as early as we planned, but we were hitting the road for home around 12:15.

This was a great camping experience for the new guys.  Casey and Christian did a great job showing them how its done as well as helping them get a large number of T-2-1 requirements signed off.  They’re well on their way to their next Court of Honor!

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Jun 12

Last weekend while Kieran and I were camping with the Boy Scouts (more on that later), Linda finished getting the garden beds loaded with dirt and planted.  Things are slowly starting to take root.  I’m not certain that all of the plants are going to survive the transplanting.  I think some of them may have gotten too big in the house.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Over the last week we’ve experimented with how to layout the soaker hose for maximum water coverage.  I’m still not sure we have it right, but we keep working on it.

You know what the best part of the garden is?  Hearing Linda squee when she sees a new plant emerging from the dirt or a blossom appearing.  That makes the whole project worth it.

Both Beds Done - Getting Watered

The plants and seeds are in and the soaker hose is working

Rectangular Bed Done

Squash, Cucumber, Carrots, Tomatos are taking root in this bed

Deck Bed Done

Raspberries, eggplant, squash, basil, and sunflowers are growing here

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Jun 01

The Memorial Day weekend was full of work on the gardens.  We did take Sunday off for a welcome visit with some family that we haven’t seen in a long time.

Saturday while Linda spent eight hours working at the library, I spent about three or four with my hands covered in mud sealing up the gaps beneath the garden beds.  That’s mostly done.  I had to quit when one of my nails tore rather badly.  I guess they were getting soft after being wet for so long.

Monday was a day full of dirt.  Specifically new dirt.  Kieran and I headed off to Lowes and loaded up a cart with 25 bags of top soil.  That was only part of what we needed, but I didn’t think the cart would hold any more.  When we got it to the van I decided I should probably check the vehicle’s maximum hauling capacity.  Turns out it’s 1200 pounds.  So with 1000 pounds of top soil plus the two of us we were there.  In the end it took five trip to Lowes to get everthing.  Kieran and I moved just over two tons of material back to our place.  We had quite a thunderstorm during the second trip so that delayed us for a while.

While Kieran and I were hauling material home, Linda was putting some of it into the first garden bed.  Unfortunately, it started to rain again in the evening so the bed wasn’t completed.

That first bed was finally completed today.  Linda even transplanted most of what she wanted in that bed into it.  It’s not quite all there yet, but at least there are plants in the garden!

Building Garden Beds - First Plants

Sorry the picture is dark, but I was losing daylight fast.

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May 26

Each year the fifth grade teachers at Kieran’s school organize a trip to camp at the Howell Conference and Nature Center. It’s a three day, two night experience. For some of the students it was the first time at any sort of camp. Of course, Kieran has been to a number of camps with the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. I went along as a chaperon, and I think I had as much fun as the kids.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Group Before Departure

Here's everybody at school before boarding the bus

The kids rode from school to camp on a school bus. The chaperons carpooled there and carried some of the kids baggage with them. We left at 9:45 am on Wednesday, March 19.

Once everybody arrived we got our room assignments. The girls were in one building and the boys in another. Most of the rooms were setup with a number of bunks in them. The chaperons in the boys building got rooms for two people and shared with their son. Because of that I had no problem sleeping after quiet time each night! This certainly is less rustic than Cub Scout Resident Camp.

After a lunch of Subway party subs (not provided by the camp) we broke up into our travel groups. There were three of them A, B, and C. We all lined up in front of the dining hall near a rock with our letter on it. This is where we started out on our adventures after each meal.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Group C

Group C - Jake, Cody, Chandler, Malik, Jurnee, Kayla, Hannah, Arndrayla, Maiya, Alec, Kieran, Marcus, Arryn

Our first activity was the low ropes course. We hiked out into the woods with our guide Becky. The course consisted of a number of ropes strung between trees. Everybody got a chance to try all of the different challenges.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Low Ropes 1

Lean back and keep the rope taught on this one

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Low Ropes 2

Lean or pull on that top rope

There were supposed to be two kids on each side of the rope making sure to catch the person on the rope if they fell. They were the “spotters”.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Low Ropes 3

Move from one hanging support rope to the next

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Low Ropes 4

Hold the supports on either side and step from rope to rope - skip some if you can

In the “Hot Lava” game everybody had to swing on a rope over the lava area into a large rubber hoop. If anybody touched the lava, then everybody had to start over again. It took them a few tries to figure out who should go when.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Low Ropes 5

Swinging over the lava

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Low Ropes 6

Success - The last person makes it over the lava

After low ropes it was time for Fire Starting and Shelter Building. First everybody got instructions on how to prepare kindling and tinder for a fire from our guide Heather. In smaller groups they tried several different arrangements such as teepee or log cabin. In order to avoid wiping out the forest, none of the fires burned for long before Heather put them out.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Fire Starting

Kieran trying to light one of the fires

Everyone seemed to like Shelter Building more than Fire Starting. There were three building areas. Each of them had a large number of sticks and branches of various sizes and some mature live trees that could be used to construct a shelter of some sort. Kieran worked with three other kids on a shelter. At first the girls and the boys couldn’t agree on what they were going to do. That was eventually resolved and they came up with something that passed the shake test. So they climbed inside.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Shelter Building 1

All the builders in their completed shelter

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Shelter Building 2

Kieran and the completed shelter

Dinner was our first meal provided by the camp. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables, rolls, and brownies. It was good food and nobody went hungry after they called for seconds.

Dinner was followed by an actual hike. I’m not sure how long it was, but we went out on some trails and sought out our guide’s favorite tree. This old tree has a hollow trunk at its base, but it is still alive. We went off trail to get over to it and everybody got a chance to climb into it. The guide realized a little too late that there was poison ivy rather near this tree. Thankfully nobody came in contact with any of it.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Hiking Tree

During the hike everybody got a chance to stand inside a live tree

Our final guided activity of the day was a camp fire with s’mores! Who doesn’t like s’mores? I prefer my marshmallows golden brown, but most of the kids wanted to burn them all the way to charred. It didn’t seem to matter once they were put with the graham crackers and chocolate.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Camp Fire

I love how happy Kieran looks in this picture

Lights out the first night was at 10 o’clock. The boys played dodge ball and other things behind our lodge right up until the end. I could still hear boys talking through our open windows until about midnight, but they weren’t being disruptive so it was fine.

During each meal one of the three travel groups got to be the “hoppers”. They had to arrive early to help setup for the meal, they had to run to the kitchen to get things that their table needed during the meal, and they had to help cleanup afterward. For all their hard word they got to be first in line for food. Group C was assigned hopper duty for breakfast both days. Thursday’s breakfast was pancakes, sausage, fruit, and individual cereal bowls for those who wanted them.

After meeting at the Group C rock we hiked off to the archery range. It was the first time with a bow and arrow for most of the kids. Kieran and I had plenty of experience from Resident Camp. I tried to help the guide show some of the people how to do it. By the end everybody was able to hit the target or come very close. The adults got to try it too after the kids were done. I got two out of three on the target. The other was too low and bounced off the frame.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Archery Aim

Ready, Aim, Fire

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Archery Target

Kieran after a successful round of archery

Canoeing was next. It’s been a very long time since I was in a canoe, and I’d forgotten how fun it is. The camp is on Pleasant Lake so that’s where we canoed. Our guide Tiffany wanted to pair those who had been in a canoe before with those who hadn’t. So I rode with Alec and Kieran rode with Jake. Tiffany was very impressed with our group’s ability to control the canoes given our overall lack of experience.

I didn’t want to take the camera in the boat just in case we tipped. So I don’t have any pictures of the turtles, muskrat, and fish that Alex and I saw along the shore. I think this was the first muskrat I’d ever seen. They are excellent swimmers.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Canoes

Kieran and Jake navigated the water quite well

Everyone in group C kept their boats upright and stayed dry. Groups A and B both had boats that tipped and dumped their occupants into the lake. Nobody was hurt and everybody was either pulled into another canoe or swam to the shore.

What came next was just about everybody’s favorite activity during the entire camp. It was the zip line! It’s a 500 foot steel cable stretched across a pond in the woods. You can see it in this picture. You might want to click through to the full size image to see it better.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - The Zip Line

Here you can see the zip line stretched across the pond while the kids get their instructions

The zip line equipment consisted of a seat harness, a helmet, and the straps that attach the harness to the line. Everybody who wanted to ride the line put on a harness. There were only four helmets and strap sets so the first four people put them on and walked around the pond with Becky. One at a time she’d attach everything, make sure the brackets were tight and then yell across the pond to make sure everything was ready. Once Chris yelled “Zip Away” the person was ready to go.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Starting Down the Zip Line

Kieran at the far end of the zip line

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - End of the Zip Line

Look mom, no hands!

What’s it like? I have to admit I was just a little hesitant when I heard “Zip Away”. To start you just walk down the slope. You’re not supposed to pick up your feet early. You just let the line lift you off the ground. There is a handle strap that you can hold on to, but you don’t need to. The harness will keep you upright if you want to put your hands down or out like Kieran did. The ride lasts about 15 seconds. It goes by much quicker when you’re the one doing it instead of just watching. As I approached the end of the line I started to think I was going to hit the tree that anchors it, but that doesn’t happen. The stop caught the pulley over the platform and Chris guided me to the ladder so he could unhook me. It was a lot of fun and I would have liked to do it again, but we only got one turn each.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Dad on the Zip Line

That's me

After all that excitement it was time for lunch. We had Bosco Sticks (bread sticks filled with pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni – or just cheese), vegetables and dip, and cookies. Simple but good.

Skit practice was next. Tiffany was in charge of the skits. She had a large selection of skits and selected people to perform in them. Our group combined with group A for skit practice. After going over each skit with the cast they each broke off to their own area to practice. Kieran was cast in a skit called J.C. Penny.

After all the skits were committed to memory we headed back into the woods. A wilderness scavenger hunt was next on our schedule. I was given a laminated sheet with a bingo grid of items we were supposed to locate in the woods. We got points for each item we found and bonus points for any bingos we managed to finish on our sheet. We did get one bingo and our final score of 42 points tied for first place.

Our final program before dinner was Birds of Prey. We were shown four different birds that are permanent residents of the Wild Wonders Wildlife Park that is part of the Nature Center. We met an owl, a falcon, a turkey vulture, and one other bird that I cannot remember. The presenter was very knowledgeable, and patient with the many questions the kids had.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Birds Of Prey

This fine looking Great Horned Owl was the first bird we met

There was some scheduled free time after the Birds of Prey. Since the program was shorter than the allotted time there was lots of free time.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Free Time

Free time at the volleyball net

Dinner was mostaccioli with some very good meat sauce. They also had vegetarian sauce and plain noodles for those who wanted them. There was a side dish of some sort as well. Cherry chip cake finished off the meal.

After the meal was done and cleaned up the same space was used for the skit performances. Everybody did a really good job with their skits. There were also performances by several of the adults that featured mysteries that the kids had to try to figure out. There was plenty of comedy to keep everybody interested.

Lights out on the second night wasn’t until 12, but the guys had to be in their rooms at 10. Those kids like Kieran that weren’t in a room with any of the other boys could visit another room until it was time for lights out. It was a long day for everyone. Kieran came back to our room early and I didn’t hear much noise from any of the other rooms after he returned.

Waffles with strawberries and whip cream along with sausage made for a tasty start to our Friday. After our hopper crew had the place cleaned up we met at the rock and headed out with Becky for Native American Games.

We had the first rain of the trip this final morning. We were all in our rain gear for the games. There were four different games that we rotated through. They were pretty simplistic and didn’t hold the attention of these modern electronic game loving kids.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Native American Games

Try to get you opponent to smile, bend their arms, or move their feet

Our schedule called for Orienteering to come next, but that activity was dropped due to the rain. Instead we headed up to Wild Wonders Wildlife Park and got a tour of the various animals in their outdoor enclosures. They have quite a collection of animals. It’s not a zoo. All of these animals have been rehabilitated after suffering injuries. Most of them are permanent residents now because they cannot fend for themselves or they’re too imprinted on their human caretakers.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Red Foxes

Did you know that red foxes can climb trees?

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Coyote

The coyote that howled for us

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Kieran 5th Grade Trip - Screech Owl

This screech owl flew into the picnic shelter after Wild Wilderness - he was actually wild

I think my favorite parts of our animal tour were the coyote that howled along with us when we made howling noises, and the wild screech owl that flew into the picnic shelter and looked at us all with its squinty eyes.

We left our owl friend and trekked over to the pond. The Pond Exploration activity didn’t seem very interesting before we got there. In fact a number of the kids thought it would be boring. Once we got there and they all discovered they would be digging through pond muck and looking for bugs everybody got into it.

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Pond 1

This frog got scooped up in the pond net - He was too big to hold on to

Kieran's 5th Grade Trip - Pond 2

Kieran and Alec exploring more muck

The kids worked in groups of two or three. They’d use a scoop net to pull a bunch of muck up from the bottom of the pond. Then they’d pick through it with spoons looking for bugs. They’d put what they found in a cup of water. By the end Kieran and Alec had a huge variety of things swimming around their cup at varying speeds. Every single scoop produced something for the cup.

Did you notice that the rain gear came off? It stopped raining and turned sunny for the rest of the day.

Pond was our very last nature activity. We had one more lunch in the dining hall – macaroni and cheese – and then we had to pack up our stuff for the trip home. That didn’t take too long and we didn’t have to add our bags to the huge pile waiting for the bus since I had my car. The bus didn’t arrive for a little while so there was some more free time to be had.

As usual the end of camp was bittersweet. Part of me was ready to go home and rest for a while. The rest wanted a longer dose of nature and togetherness with Kieran

I would recommend the Howell Nature Center to anybody looking for a camp experience or even just a one day visit. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The food was always good and plentiful. The activities were age appropriate and usually kept the kids interested. They have a rock climbing wall and tower that we didn’t get to try out, but they looked like fun.

Thanks to the fifth grade teachers Mrs. Hill and Mr. Hotchkiss for all the time and effort they put into organizing the trip. It was a lot of fun. The twins are already looking forward to going when they’re in the fifth grade!

May 25

After dinner today I got outside with a strong desire to get the garden bed walls completed.  With Linda’s help I managed to pull it off.  I was running out of daylight fast, but I did take a couple of pictures.

Second Bed Walls Complete

The newly completed second bed

Two Complete Beds - Walls That Is

The two beds in their final locations

Next we have to fill in the post holes and the gaps beneath the walls that resulted from attempting to level them.  Then we’ll put down some garden fabric and fill them with garden soil.  I guess I better get to work figuring out where to buy the soil.

May 23

There has been progress on the garden beds.  One day was spent leveling the first rectangular bed.  There wasn’t much to show for that effort so no picture.

Yesterday some real progress was made on the second bed.  Unfortunately, the weather interrupted the work.

Building Garden Beds Day 3

The front portion and the long side wall is built on the second bed

Then today I got to put some more time in.  I worked right up until Kieran and I had to leave for Boy Scouts.

Building Garden Beds Day 4

The back long wall and the little wall against the house are in place and connected to the long wall

That front corner where you see a gap is giving me fits.  I’m going to have to play with it to get all the angles to line up so the two walls join properly.  Oh well.  Linda and I both had some very muddy shoes after working out there today.

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May 18

Boy Scout Troop 240 helped run a Pinewood Derby during the Ypsi Area Street Rods Show & Shine on May 2.  Kieran and I were there helping out.  Well, Kieran did much more than me.  There were two tracks with two lanes each.  There were no electronic timers so the Boy Scouts had to spot the finish line and call which car won each race.  They also helped setup the track and tear it all down afterwards.

It looked like it might rain the whole time we were there, but it held out and we had a fun time.  I hadn’t heard of the Ypsi Area Street Rods before, but they seem like a nice group of people doing good things.

Tracks Are Ready

The two tracks are ready for racing

Waiting For The Finish

Kieran awaits the race so he can spot the finish


Some very handsome trophies were donated for the winners

Most of Troop 240

When it was all done the scouts posed for a group photo

May 16

Isn’t the Internet great?

Laptop Bedtime Stories

Sometimes the boys want online bedtime stories

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May 16

I’m glad to be working on garden beds instead of snowmen since it means it’s warmer.  However, back on February 28th we did have some great packing snow.  So the boys and I headed outside.  Here are the results:

Owen And His Little Snowman

Owen wanted to make his own little snowman and here it is

Everyone With The Big Snowman

The boys with the big snowman we all worked on. They posed him with swords.

Kieran vs. Snowman

Kieran and the snowman battle to the death - or something like that

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May 16

At our old house Linda had a garden.  It was a pretty good sized one too.  At least by suburban lot standards.  Since we moved to the new place at the end of 2002 she’s been gardenless.  That’s about to change.

We have clay for soil around here.  It’s no good at all for growing plants.  So we decided that a raised garden would be the way to go.  After some thought we decided that two raised garden beds in the back yard next to the deck would be best.  One will wrap around one side of the deck and the other will be a larger rectangular bed next to the first.  There will be room to walk between them on the grass.  The plan is that nobody will ever need to get into one of the beds because they aren’t wide enough to require it.

The construction project began today with a trip to Fingerle Lumber in Ann Arbor.  I compared prices between lumber companies and the big name warehouse stores.  Fingerle had the best prices.  It was also incredibly easy doing business with them.  One of the Boy Scout moms has a truck and she offered to transport the lumber for me.  (Thanks Kathy!)  So we drove to Fingerle and got everything done in well under an hour.  We drove right to where the wood was stacked in the lot and they helped us load it up.  Much easier than loading a cart, wheeling it through the store, and loading it in the parking lot!

The first thing Linda and I did was start digging.  The yard slopes away from the house pretty significantly.  That’s a good thing.  However, the garden boxes need to be fairly level.  We started piling clay up in the general area that we thought the boxes were going to sit.  After we’d had enough of the shovels, we headed over to the driveway and the power tools.  Sounds like fun to me!

We built the rectangular box in the driveway and carried it around the house to it’s intended location.  You can see it in these pictures.  The box is made from cedar 2×6 boards and 4×4 posts.  There are two boards stacked on each side for a total side height of 11 inches.  The box measures 5×14 feet.

First Garden Bed In Its Place

This is the rectangular bed. It's upside down in this picture. We need to flip it and fill in the gaps beneath it.

Closer View of Rectangular Bed

Here's a little closer view of the rectangular bed

You can see where the other box is going to go in the following photos.

Space For the Other Garden Box

The lines of clay near the deck show where the second garden bed will go.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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